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Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Just put it on ur mind...jgn caye laa mnusia kat dunia nie.. kbnyakkan xleh pakai.. trutama org yg kita rsa slesa.. org tu laa yg slalu ad bisa.. skali kne bisa menyengat.. brdasarkan pmerhatian.. kelapan2 wanita yg ak kenal sume ade agenda.. so.. benar lah ape yg ak rasa, ape yg aku tegakkan sbgai pendirian trnyata wajar..Fark.Yuw.MaderFakker.Son.o.B!tch
Do I Care?? Haha.

yakin laa kat fmly je even ad gaduh tpi diorg xde laa mcm yg nonrelative...tpi xdinafikan lah.. if i hav fmly.. hermmm...

 unstabble mental.. schizo,bmd..has delusion.. paranoid.. hallucination..

Sunday, January 15, 2012

~~Special thanx~~

Wah3, skrg nie dh brubah truss da bl0g sye nie...
Brbnding dlu yg x sberapa mnarik...Pndai cikAznur 'ren0vate' bl0g nie smpai cantek... 
0rg nyew p0m cantek...subhanallah.. :-P
nie lah org nyew

Jika indah satu pertemuan, jangan akhiri dengan perpisahan...
Jika suci satu perkenalan, jangan cemari dengan pendustaan...
Jika bernilai sebuah perhubungan, hargailah ia dengan KEIKHLASAN...
(dri petikan yg prnh 'awk' bgi)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

~~How to Maintain Your Computer~~

A properly maintained computer will provide you with substantially higher speeds, both via RAM and on the internet, regardless of your hardware setup and configurations.

The second law of thermodynamics states that all systems atrophy (degrade) over time - well, here are a few tips on how delay the inevitable.


Software/Hard drive  

Clean out all the junk left behind by browsers. To do this, you can use the Disk Cleanup utility included on the Windows systems, or download a freeware program such as CCleaner to do it for you. In Linux you can use Kleansweep or Bleachbit. Cookies and cache left behind by browsers can amount up to gigabytes of wasted space, so it is imperative they're deleted.

Search and destroy spyware and/or viruses on your PC. There is a myriad of tools available to do this. AVG Anti Virus is a good one to use. is a great place to legally obtain these tools.

Defragment your hard drive monthly to keep your computer running smoothly. Windows XP@7 includes a utility to do this, but a tool called Magical Defrag also exists, which automatically defrags your system during periods of inactivity.

Uninstall programs you no longer use, and delete music you no longer listen to. The more free space your computer has, the faster it will go. You'll be surprised how much space you'll free up and how much your computer's performance will increase.

Use the msconfig command in the RUN command prompt to open up a window that will allow you to uncheck start up programs you don't use. This can up your start up and boot down times a lot. CCleaner also has a feature that allows you to do the same thing(Tools--->Startup)

Use your computers disk management systems.
  • For Windows, select Performance and Maintenance and then choose "Rearrange items on you hard disk..." and "Free up space on your hard disk.".
  • For Mac, go to the Applications Folder, select Utilities Folder then launch Disk Utility.    


Always run your computer on a UPS as this will help protect it from electric surges. Phone lines for modems and cat 5 or cat 6 network lines also need surge suppression as they can and will take out your network card or modem in a electric storm.

Your computer can grow dusty in less than a year, depending on where it is stored. Open it up depending on how dusty your house is. If it's not too dusty, then check every few months, but if it's super dusty(your house), then be much more proactive about it. Remove the dust on the bottom with a vacuum (or cloth), then spray with compressed canned air. Pay special attention to the CPU heat sink and CPU fan. Hold the fan still while spraying it as you can cause it to spin out and on reboot it may have more noise. Spray the intakes to the Power supply fan also. Since you have the cover off reboot and listen for noisy fans make sure all fans are working. Replace as necessary. 

Be careful when plugging in USB, Ethernet, speakers, etc. into your computer. Ports such as USB and Ethernet can easily be damaged from careless placement. These repairs can be costly and these ports are a necessity.

Underclock your CPU for the ultimate in longevity. 


  • has a load of great maintenance freeware utilities.
  • Be wary when unchecking in the msconfig prompt. If you don't know what you're doing, do not suggest unchecking anything as you may disable a crucial system process
  • If an uninstall you performed seems ineffective, you can manually uninstall via the regedit command in the RUN prompt. Be VERY wary when you do this as well, as the registry editor grants you unrestricted access to the most sensitive parts of your PC. USE ONLY IF YOU'RE A PROFESSIONAL! OTHERWISE, DO NOT TOUCH! Even only one wrong registry deletion can cause serious problems and even in the worst case scenario, Windows will not boot.
  • Give your computer a rest by turning it off once in a while. It's no big deal to leave it on for a day or two, but keep in mind that the hotter it is, the more wear and tear on components. That said....
  • There are two schools of thought here. Many prefer to leave their computers on. The thermal expansion and contraction of components can also cause failure by power cycling. In the always on case, just shut the monitor off. And put the hard drives to sleep after one hour per powersaving menu. You can also go to standby after an hour. (This sometimes causes computers to lock up though).
  • Be careful overclocking your PC. It's fun- but as stated above it runs the temperature up on the motherboard and WILL melt your processor if the necessary precautions aren't met. Such as a large CPU/Fan heatsink and case fans.
  • Programs such as LimeWire, BearShare, Kazaa all have great opportunities for sharing information, but there are multiple files that contain malware, spyware, and trojans to infiltrate all your information. Also beware of the potential for identity theft. Don't be a victim.
  • When deleting files, make sure you know what they are. If you accidentally delete something important, it could cause major damage.


Things You'll Need...

  • Anti-virus software
  • Anti-spyware software
  • Third-party disk utility software [MAC ONLY]


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Minyak Naik! kite 'Ride'...Jom!!!

Di tengah kesibukan kota dengan kenderaan pelbagai saiz bertali arus, terselit sekumpulan penunggang basikal yang selesa menggunakan kenderaan dua roda itu untuk bergerak ke mana-mana.

Dengan menggunakan basikal berwarna-warni, kelibat mereka menarik perhatian bukan saja pengguna jalan raya, malah orang sekeliling.

Lebih menarik, mereka bukan menggunakan basikal biasa, sebaliknya jenis 'fixed gear' yang tidak mempunyai brek.

Mengikut sejarahnya, basikal itu dulunya ditunggang untuk perlumbaan di velodrome, namun diguna secara meluas oleh golongan penghantar surat (messenger) di Amerika Syarikat.

Penggunaan basikal 'fixed gear' ini semakin mendapat perhatian sejak kebelakangan ini. Mereka tidak hanya memperoleh keseronokan berbasikal secara berkumpulan, aktiviti ini secara tidak langsung seakan-akan satu senaman.

Jika dilihat di negara lain seperti Amerika Syarikat, Jepun dan China, berbasikal menjadi sebahagian daripada budaya mereka, namun di negara kita ia jarang dilihat. Apabila dinilai kembali, aktiviti basikal tidak memerlukan kos tinggi kerana penunggang hanya perlu memberi perhatian kepada tayar. Basikal ini ada dua jenis iaitu 'freestyle' dan 'mash' yang mana perbezaannya dapat dilihat dengan ketara menerusi saiz tayarnya.
tgk dri segi perbezaan rupa bentuk!!!

'freestyle' lebih sesuai digunakan untuk melakukan pelbagai aksi atau 'trick' dan menggunakan tayar lebih besar daripada biasa. Jenis 'mash' pula lazimnya digunakan untuk melakukan perjalanan jauh kerana ia lebih fleksibel dan ringan. Jenis 'mash' pula lazimnya digunakan untuk melakukan perjalanan jauh kerana ia lebih fleksibel dan ringan.

Apabila diberitahu basikal ini tidak mempunyai brek, pasti ramai tertanya-tanya bagaimana penunggang memberhentikannya. 'suis' utamanya terletak pada pedal pengayuh kerana ia berfungsi mengawal kelajuan, termasuk memberhentikan basikal. 'suis' utamanya terletak pada pedal pengayuh kerana ia berfungsi mengawal kelajuan, termasuk memberhentikan basikal. "Pengendalian basikal ini lebih mencabar kerana ia memerlukan teknik 'pull and push', di mana kedua-dua pedal perlu diseimbangkan untuk berhenti. "Selain itu, ia memerlukan tenaga lebih berbanding menunggang basikal biasa kerana kaki tidak sempat 'berehat', sebaliknya penunggang perlu sentiasa mengayuh bagi menggerakkannya".

Jika dihitung risiko dan bahaya menunggang basikal di jalan raya yang sibuk @ di bandar raya, ia ada di mana-mana dan semua terdedah kepada risiko yg sama. Sebagai pengguna, mereka berhak diberi peluang sama rata untuk menggunakan kemudahan jalan raya. Memang tidak dapat dinafikan sesetengah pengguna jalan raya lain seakan-akan menutup sebelah mata mengenai kehadiran penunggang basikal hinggakan adakalanya memandu kenderaan secara berbahaya dan mengancam keselamatan penunggang basikal.

Aktiviti berbasikal ini bukan hanya untuk keseronokan semata-mata, tetapi ia juga satu cara beriadah dan untuk kekal sihat. Untuk memiliki sebuah basikal tidak memerlukan kos tinggi kerana ia boleh dibeli sekitar harga RM900 hingga RM1,700 bergantung pada jenis dan kualiti basikal. Paling murah RM380...
hav fun!!!
rupa bentuk yg aku idam2kan...maybe handlaber bkn sebegitu rupa!!!